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Ms. Barnes has achieved significant milestones in her life, notably becoming the first high school and college graduate in her family. With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, and her ongoing pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration with a specialization in Organizational Leadership, she demonstrates a commitment to continuous education. Complementing her academic achievements, Ms. Barnes holds certificates in Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Emotional Intelligence, and Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP).

With over 8 years of experience in the Mental Health field, Ms. Barnes has served in various roles, including Program Specialist and Therapist in inpatient behavior hospitals. Her dedication continued with Youth Guidance, where she initially worked as a WOW (Working on Womanhood) counselor for Chicago Public Schools. Recognized for her contributions, she was promoted to the role of Curriculum Specialist, responsible for creating the 6th-grade pilot curriculum.

During her pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration, with a specialization in Organizational Leadership, Ms. Barnes expanded her expertise as a Program Manager. In this role, she successfully developed curriculums for Reentry, Workforce Development, Victims Support Training, and Servant Leadership Staff Development programs for a Nonprofit Organization in Chicago, IL.

As an accomplished curriculum developer, program manager, trainer, and mentor for young women, Ms. Barnes has embarked on her journey as an independent contractor. In this capacity, she provides support for individuals, groups, companies, and nonprofit organizations. Currently serving as the Chief Program Officer overseeing 10 nonprofits in the state of Illinois, Ms. Barnes continues to make impactful contributions to the field.

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My Story

Corine Barnes hails from South Central Los Angeles, CA, and was raised in Compton, CA, amidst challenging living conditions characterized by poverty, grief, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. As the third oldest among nine siblings, her older brother Gary Barnes fell victim to gun violence in 2004, causing her to grapple with complicated grief that evolved into years of anger. Despite her inherently loving and supportive nature, the complexities of grief and generational trauma led to emotional imbalance, resulting in multiple encounters with the criminal justice system.

In 2012, Corine decided to initiate a transformative journey, recognizing the need to be the mother her oldest daughter deserved. Prioritizing self-improvement, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and pursued a career as a School College Counselor. Her innate ability to build rapport and provide guidance in this role prompted her exploration of the Mental Health Counseling field.

Corine's graduate program not only equipped her with essential skills, knowledge, and counseling techniques but also provided an opportunity for self-reflection. Delving into psychoanalysis, she gained insights into the nature of trauma, recognized the impact of generational trauma on her life, developed coping skills, and discovered supportive resources to mitigate re-traumatization.

Guided by the motto "One life Supporting another life," Corine acknowledges the pivotal role mentors and support systems played in her life. Their influence prevented her from becoming a product of her environment. This realization fuels her passion for working with individuals sharing similar backgrounds, aiming to rewrite their narratives and ensure a different, more empowering story.

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