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Has accomplished many things in her life such as becoming the first high school and college graduate out of her family. Ms. Barnes has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling and is currently working towards her DHA in Healthcare Administration with a specialization in leadership. She also has a certificate in Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Emotional Intelligence, and Partner Abuse Intervention
Program (PAIP).


She has worked in the field of Mental Health for over 8 years in inpatient behavior hospitals as a Program Specialist and Therapist. She worked for Youth Guidance as a WOW (Working on Womanhood) counselor for Chicago Public Schools and received a promotion to become a Curriculum Specialist which allowed her to create their 6th-grade pilot curriculum. Once she started her Doctorates in Healthcare Administration she established additional work experience as a Program Manager where she developed other successful curriculums for Reentry, Workforce Development, Victims Support Training and Servant Leadership Staff Development programs for a Nonprofit Organization in Chicago, IL.

As a successful curriculum developer, program manager, trainer, and mentor for young women she has begun her journey as an independent contractor providing support for individuals, groups, companies and other nonprofit organizations. Corine is currently the Chief Program Officer over 10 nonprofits in the state of IL.

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My Story

Corine Barnes was born in South Central Los Angeles, CA, and raised in Compton, Ca. Her living conditions consist of poverty, grief, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. She is the 3rd oldest out of nine siblings including her oldest brother Gary Barnes who was a victim of gun violence in 2004. Her brother's loss caused complicated grief which turned into anger for many years. Ms. Barnes has always had a loving and supporting heart however her complicated grief and generational trauma continuously caused emotional unbalance which resulted into going to jail for fighting on multiple occasions. 

In 2012 Corine decided to make a change when she noticed that she could not be the mother that she needed to be for her oldest daughter. She took time to focus on herself which resulted in her completing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and worked as a School College Counselor. She noticed that she had skills building rapport with people and providing guidance to stay in school as a school counselor which prompted her focus to investigate the field of Mental Health Counseling.  

Corine’s graduate program not only provided her with skills, knowledge, and techniques for clients; but also gave her an opportunity to psychoanalyze herself. She was able to realize what trauma consists of, recognize the impact that generational trauma had on her life, developed skills to properly respond to her trauma and learned more about supportive resources to decrease re-traumatization.


Corine's motto “One life Supporting another life” is important because of the many mentors and support systems that she utilized throughout her life so far which made a difference. Without them she feels that she would have become a product of her environment which is why she is passionate in working with as many individuals with similar backgrounds to ensure that this will not be their narrative.  

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