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Mental Health Maintenance 

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner

Emotional Intelligence Package 

Our 8-week sessions will assist future clients who are currently struggling with managing their emotions, displaying unexplained aggression towards others and 
lack empathy. 

Image by Stephen Leonardi

Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Package

Our 8-week session focuses on clients who are currently overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious with their current day to day task.  

Image by Annie Spratt

Career Counseling Package

Our 8-week sessions will assist clients who are currently having difficulties identifying a career path. These individuals consist of those affected by the pandemic, laid off, fired, or had to close their business. This program will provide you with guidance while developing coping skills to deal with any negative thoughts that may occur while learning the impact their childhood had on their career decision.

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