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Corporate Training

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Our corporate training consists of three 20 hours of structure training for the community and companies. The goal is to provide trauma-informed care, de-escalation tools, and staff development. We also provide an implementation of custom programs and curriculums by request.


  • Develop programs and curriculum for the employees of the organization and community.

  • Analyze the effectiveness of training and workshops to the employees and develop modifications if needed.

  • Collaborate with the company's management to identify training needs and schedule accurate training sessions for employees and participants.

  • Develop systems to monitor and ensure employees are performing their responsibilities according to the training.

  • Ensure the compliance of the company's employees to cooperate with standards and procedures during training sessions.

  • Provide support and mentoring for new employees, interns, and volunteers while conducting and identifying sections where improvements are needed. 


  • Liaise with managers to determine training needs and schedule training sessions.

  • Design effective training in Clinical Mental Health programs.

  • Select and book venues.

  • Conduct Seminars, Workshops, individual training sessions etc.

  • Prepare educational material such as module summaries, vendors etc.

  • Support and mentor new employees, volunteers, and interns.

  • Keep attendance and other records.

  • Manage training budgets.

  • Conduct evaluation to identify areas of improvements and success and performance data analysis. 

Our following (20) hours training is offered to companies, schools, or nonprofit organizations to assist with conflicts, hostile work environments and staff development.
  • Emotional Intelligence Training

  • Servant Leadership Training 

  • Nonviolence Training 

All Corine Logics. LLC our training consists of pre and post-data to determine the increase of emotional intelligence, establish healthier leadership styles, and how de-escalate conflicts in individual personal lives and work environments.

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