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Nonprofit Assistance

There is an extensive amount of hurt and pain, emphasizing the urgent need for addressing Mental Health on a broader scale. Our focus extends beyond individual and group counseling services; we also prioritize nonprofit organizations and companies whose staff and communities require mental health support.

We provide services catering to new emerging nonprofits, offering strategic planning assistance for existing nonprofit organizations seeking help in reshaping their mission, programs, and services.

Stage 1

  • LLC

  • EIN

  • Duns

  • 1023EZ

  • BY LAWS/ Board Members Support  

  • RWW – Intake

  •  Logo

  • Name Mission Statement

  •  Values

  • Vision Goals

  • Business Accounts 

  • Flyers & Brochures

  •  Volunteers & Fundraising Foundation

  • Social Media accounts 

  •  Company Website, Emails, and Phone Numbers

  • Services / Programs Outlines 

Stage 2
Marketing Consultation  

  • CAGE 

  • STAX - 1 

  • SAMS 

  • GATA 

Stage 3
Funding Accounts 

Stage 4
Custom Programs/ Curriculums/ Trainings 

Stage 5
Strategic Planning/ Management - New and Current Nonprofits

  • Proposal 

  • Revisions  

  • SWOT Analysis 

  • Business Plan

Interested? Get in touch 

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